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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A New Do: A New You!

This morning I went to Sorella’s and got my haircut!  I am very happy with the result!  I chopped off several inches and then the stylist thinned it quite a bit!  Can’t wait to try flipping it out a bit to see what that looks like!


Another check off my list of things to do!  I also did a bit more shopping for the cruise.  I think all I have left to buy is a new pair of walking shoes.  I pulled out my suitcases and did some more packing as well, slowly getting there!

Tomorrow morning we are having a Bon Voyage Breakfast with the family….it also happens to be Valentine’s Day, but really we are celebrating our vaca!!  Wahoooo!!! 



jen said...

Way cute!!

Laura said...

Love the new cut! It's very cute!


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