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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Laundrymat Conversations

Today, I had no plans and was happily laying around watching tv when it dawned on me - this would be the prefect oppurtunity to go to the laundrymat and get my laundry all done!  I know you are thinking....don't you have a washer and dryer at home?  And, the answer is YES, I do, however I LOATHE doing laundry.  I often find myself buying new clothes or "borrowing" from Kelly or Alex to avoid having to do laundry.  At this point I had so much laundry, it would take me FOREVER to do it all at home.  So I packed it all up, it took 4 large black garbage bags, and lugged it all down to the Duvall Laundrymat.

Once at the laundrymat I took over 4 washing machines and then 6 dryers to wash all of my clothes.  I met several interesting people....

Laundry Lady #1: Looking at all the clothes I'm folding
#1: So, how many people are in your family?
Me: Sadly, it's just me, these are all my clothes
#1: Wow, you have a lot of clothes
Me: Yeah, I know I have a slight addiction to clothes & shopping and an anti-addiction to laundry!
Laundry Lady #2: Emptying her washing machine
#2: Did anyone use this machine last?
Me: Uhhh, I did
#2: Are these yours?  [holding up several individual socks]

Me: Ooops, Yes!  Thank you!  [slightly embarressed!]
#2:  Oh don't worry about it, they're really clean now, I used bleach, spray 'n wash, oxyclean, fabric softner and laundry detergent in my load.
Me: [thinking] HOLY CRAP, good thing they were just socks and darn it, now I'm taking home a pile of wet socks!  

Me: I guess they're really clean now aren't they!  Thanks!
My favorite part was after we had this conversation she moved her clothes to the dryer and pulls out MORE of my socks!!  How embarressing! 

Laundry Lady #1: Yes, she's back and now we're apparently BFF's.  I think she's done, she's folded all her clothes and has packed up. 
Me: Well it was good talking with you, have a good evening!

#1: It was, good luck getting all your laundry done and home!

Me: Thanks, I hope I can, I work in an hour!

#1: Oh today, is my only day off, but I spent it working at home, so I guess I wasn't completely off!  I still need to finish my holiday cards

Me: Same with me, I need to finish my cards

Me: [thinking] hmmm will I send some out?  Maybe I should get on that?

#1: I'm so excited next week I get to meet my new grandbaby, she was born on November 24th, she lives in Long View with her mom, dad (my son), and her other grandma.  I'm jealous she gets to live with her other grandma. 

Me: Oh that's exciting you'll get to spend time with them!  Nothing better then brand new babies!  What fun!
#1: I think I will start visiting once a month now, I don't know how I can go so long in between visits. 

Me: Oh that would be fun!

Me: [thinking] Gee, I thought you were leaving.
Talk Talk Talk Talk....She stood there talking to me for another 20 minutes!!  I now know all about her and her family!  Next time I should learn to keep my mouth shut!

I have to admit I enjoyed talking to Laundry Lady #1, and Laundry Lady #2 was also very friendly!  Spending time at the laundrymat wasn't all that bad!  Plus I came home with 4 large black garbage bags full of CLEAN clothes!!  But now comes the yucky part....putting it all away!

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