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Thursday, December 10, 2009

High-Tech Kids

Today, I'm watching Jordyn & Camryn, Amy's girls, while she's working!  Camryn wanted to have a playdate with Madison, but Madison is home sick.  So they had a 'virtual' playdate via Instant Messenger Video Calling!  Maddie thought it was really cool, especially being able to talk and hear us.  Camryn was a bit unsure and just sat there staring at the screen!  Emma kept waving to us, and Jordyn kept trying to type messages!  It was really funny!

Us on bad you see my phone taking the picture!

Maddie LOVES sending "kisses" (aka send 'winks') to people.  She thinks they are sooo funny!!  She kept sending us "kisses" and we would send them back to her!  The girls thought this was fun!  Jaime & I finally had to just shut off IM because the girls wouldn't stop! 

One of the "Kisses" that we were sent!

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