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Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach

Last Tuesday night, while in Camano, I went the the Munro’s, Austin & Grandma Teresa to The Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach in Stanwood!  This place has over 1-million Christmas lights!  It was absolutely amazing!  I have never seen so many lights in one place!  There are so much lights they start decorating in July!  I don’t really understand why they would even bother taking them down!!  We also lucked out on weather, the day before it rained all day, but when we went it was clear….but very cold!

There were so many activities to do here!  One of our first stops was to see Santa!  Aiden & Connor were so excited to see him and see some of Santa’s toys he had on display!  It was nearly impossibly to get the twins to leave Santa!  Even after their turn was over, they kept walking right up to him (in the middle of other peoples pictures) and reminding Santa of what they want!  The girls were less then thrilled [again] with Santa, so Teresa & I sat with them!



   They also had a craft building where you could buy little ornaments or toys and paint them!   The boys made these wheel toy spinning top things (hard to explain) and the girls each made an ornament.  All four of them concentrated so hard when they were painting them! 


The Lights of Christmas also had live music, pony rides, a petting farm, and Polar Express Train rides…PLUS the most YUMMY donuts ever!  They sold fresh hot (we watched them make them) donuts I’d ever had.  Move over Krispy Kreme, these donuts were even better!


8During one of our stops, Alec & Austin took a breather and were sitting in the stroller.  Mackenzie had fun trying to push them!

And before we left they took some family pictures!  I know I have posted the first one already, but it was to cute not to re-post!


I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a fun Christmassy evening!  You probably won’t make it this year (closes on the 29th I believe), but check it out next year, well worth the money and driving time!


Amy said...

Fun! Levi took the girls to Warm Beach Tues night too. Too bad you didn't see them.

Daniel Carver (aka Dano) said...

I just wanted to express my thanks for sharing such a flattering review of The Lights of Christmas! We've posted a excerpt of your post and a link to your blog on the website. Have a Happy New Year!

Daniel Carver
Marketing Manager
Warm Beach Camp


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