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Monday, December 14, 2009

He’s Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice!

According to Madison, I am on the naughty list, along with Swiper the Fox (from Dora).  Not only am I on the naughty list, but it’s a lifetime sentence, and there’s no chance of me getting off of it ever! 

wicked2 swiper

Well, I hate to break Madison’s bubble, but I have a certificate from Santa himself to prove to her that I am NOT on the naughty list, and yet on the NICE list!


I scored a B+ from Santa on how nice I’ve been this year, but at least I am on the nice list!  No coal for me this year!

What does it say?

Merry Christmas Cori!

Way to go Cori!  Your halo may be a little bit crooked but you're definitely on Santa's "Nice List"!  Mrs. Claus and the elves sure do look forward to hearing how you're doing!

Keep up the great work, Cori!

Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus

Do you want to know if YOU’RE on the Naughty or Nice list?  Check out this fun site…

If there was hope for me …. there’s hope for you too!! 

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