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Saturday, December 5, 2009

People, People, Everywhere!


On Wednesday night, we hosted the Relief Society Christmas Party!There was about 37 ladies who attended and celebrated the Christmas season with us! 

But with that many people, and not to mention the amount of food that was there, it was hard to find a quiet area to talk!  Alisha W. did a great job planning and putting this event together!  The Christmas spirit was definitely present!!

DSCN7297Table of Food
mini quiches, cookies, cheese cake, fruit & veggies!

DSCN7302DSCN7306DSCN7307Enjoying yummy food and great company!

After we chit-chatted and chowed, there was a short program.  Tiffany S. shared stories about the Christmas she spent in Japan during her mission.  Jeni A. then shared experiences that her family had while they lived in Germany.  It was really awesome to hear different Christmas stories and traditions others have!  There also was Christmas songs and a gift exchange!DSCN7309DSCN7312DSCN7313Like I said….there was people everywhere, including sitting on the stairs because we ran out of room!!

It was a great evening, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!  It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner!  I’m ready!!  

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