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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Worlds most MORONIC STUPID Person EVER

Let me start by saying....I'm on Christmas break!!  I finished my final tonight and now am free from school until after the cruise!  Yipppeee!!  But that wasn't the 'highlight' of the day!

So this morning, I get in my dad's car and the gas light is on, great, I have to get gas.  I call my dad to see how long it had been on and he says "you need to get gas".  Great, all I want to do is get to school study for my finale!  I pull over at a gas station, get out to find out the my debit card was declined.  WHAT!  I just got paid yesterday, so I know I have money in there.  I get back in the car and call Bank of America and confirm that YES, I have money in my account.  I decide to talk to a representative, and am told it's a 4-minute wait.  No problem, I have time to wait while I drive to school.

Almost 20 minutes later, at school, after I've gone to the bookstore, I finally get through to much for the 4-minute wait time!  Anyway, the representative confirms that YES I do have money in my account, and that my card must have been deactivitated.  She asks where I last used my debit card, I tell her at a gas station, she tells me that gas stations are notorious for not reading cards right.  She told me to try my debit card somewhere else, if it didn't work to have them just key it in manually and she also ordered me a new card just in case.  After talking the representative, I go to the library and begin to study.

About 4:45pm, I am done studying and have 45-minutes until my final.  I decided to move my car closer to my class and figure it was a good time to get gas again.  I run to the gas station at the top of the hill, of course my card again is declined.  So inside I go.  I tell the cashier that he needed to key in my number because my card had been demagnatized. 

I'm now fuming, and near tears and go back to my car.  It's now 5:05, and I realize if I don't go to the bank now, I'l be in big trouble because BoA will surely be closed by the time I am out of class.  Luckily, there is a BoA a few blocks away, so off I go.  I get cash (see I DID have money in my account!) and now have 15-minutes until my final.  Most people would decide to just go to class and get gas after, not me, I'm still fuming so I head back to confront the cashier at the gas station and prove him wrong!
He tells me "okay" does something and then tells me "Your card has been declined". 

Me:"I know, that's why you need to type in my card number, this happened to me earlier and I was told to just have it typed in.

Cashier: "No your card has been declined, you have no money in your account"

The Man Behind Me: "The strip on her card is broken, you need to type in her card number"

Cashier: "No she has no money in her account"

Back at the gas station, I walk in and there's someone in front of me in line.  The cashier realizes I'm back and seems surprised to see me.  It's finally my turn....

Me: "See I had money in my account"

Cashier: "Okay, good, how much gas do you want to pump?"

Me: "Do you realize I just ran to the bank, 20 minutes before my final, just to get money for gas?  Do you know what they told me?"

Cashier: "No, you just went to the bank and back here?"

Me: "Yes, and all YOU needed to do was type in my debit card number and it would have worked fine"

Cashier: "Yes, I could have just keyed it in"

Me: "Are you kidding me?  That's what I told you and the man behind meb told you to just key in my debit card number!"

Cashier: "Yes, I could have just typed in your number"
At this point, I just take my change and head out to pump gas.  What a moron this guy is!!  I was still fuming when I got to class, but was able to calm down enough to feel good about the test!!

Oh well, it's all over with and now I can concentrate on NOTHING!!  I'm feeling great right now!!  YAY ME!!

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GO Gray's said...

Breathe Cori. . . just Breathe!!!!


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