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Sunday, December 14, 2008

SNOW Much Fun!

Boy it's cold out!! It currently is 24degrees out, but feels like 16degrees, brrrr!! The high for the next week will be 37deg and the low will be 16deg! Yikes!! We ended up with like 5-6" of snow on the back patio table. But there was very little that stuck to the road. But enough to be very slippery!! I came to Monroe this afternoon and slid down a good part of Stephens Hill. Scary! Thank goodness for Anti-Lock Breaks!

Brandi & I took Madison out to play this evening out in the snow - or as she says the 'no', so here are a few pics of her playing! This was her first real snow experience, and she was very excited to play in it! Here are a few photos that we took before it got to cold and we had to go in!

Heading up to Camano for the week tomorrow! Madison & I are going up tomorrow to hang out. With Jaime on moderate bedrest, it's gonna be hard for her to be watching Maddie - so she gets to go hang out with "her" Kenzie and "the boys" for a couple of days!

Try to stay warm!!

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