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Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

It is SNOWING right now- I love the snow!! Especially when I have no real plans, no tests I have to take, no classes to get to, it's a non-work day...then snow is just fun!! It is now sticking to the roads within the last hour or so, but it's been falling pretty steadily all evening! Here are a couple of pics that I took around 7pm tonight!! It's so pretty!!


Front Yard

Decorating Grandma's Tree
Here is a silly video that I put together of decorating my Grandma's Christmas tree last weekend!! My family is just nuts and well ... I guess just watch this and you'll see why!!

Big Sister School
Madison today got to go to "Big Sister School" and learn all about how to be good big sister!! She got to learn to hold a baby, got to visit a room like where Jaime will have the baby in and then make a picture for the baby! Here are a couple of pics that were taken!

"Oh I just love this baby Emmalee so very much, hope she doesn't mind being strangled!"

Yes, that would be Madison 'lasso-ing' the placenta!

"Look Cori, I graduated!"

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