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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Girls Day Out & 100th Blog Post!

Today Julia, Kim, MacKenzie & I all went out to lunch at a Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurant in Stanwood called The Chatterbox. Kim got me to try Pad See-Yew and Julia was highly impressed (and proud!) of me for trying something new! Pad See-Yew is pan-fried flat noodles with broccoli, black soy beans and eggs. It actually wasn't that bad at all! It reminded me a lot of stir fry. However, I got to say the noodles looked a lot like brains and that kinda grossed me out! But it was yummy!

After lunch I talked them (okay it wasn't that hard) into going with me to get my nails done. So I got a fill, one of my nails has already broke...grrrr, and Julia & Kim both got pedicures. In true Cori fashion I helped introduce Kenzie to the wonderful world of spa-pedis! We took off her pants so she didn't get them soaked and then she had fun trying to SIT and PLAY IN the tub! It was tooo adorable! I also painted her toe-nails when she was done playing in the water! She had a great time!!

I had a great time today, and am very honored to be invited to come and get to go and spend time with Julia & Kim, since Kim is only in town for a short period of time!! It was a really fun day!

Tonight we decorated Grandma's Christmas tree! I took video & pictures of Zak & my dad trying to put the tree up, it was pretty hilarious! Not to mention the tree decorating and overall silliness that my family is! It's true we are all a bunch of weirdos!

And in case you didn't notice....tonight's post is my 100th. My first myspace post was on July 5th, so that means I hit 100 posts in just over 5months - crazy! See it's true I do have a big mouth with LOTS to say!!

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