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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas in Camano!!

Madison & I came up to Camano yesterday and are spending the week here to hang with our friends and give Jaime a break so she doesn't have Emmalee to early...she needs to make it to January! We've only been here a day and a half and have already done a whole ton and had a lot of fun!! All 4 of the kids have played well together and even Julia & I have been nice to each other! Here are a few of the fun things we've done over the past couple days!

Bake Christmas Cookies
We made (okay Julia did) the dough yesterday and the kids & I cut them out today with plans to decorate them this afternoon, but we were out to late and didn't make it home in time, so we'll finish them tomorrow, but here are a few pics of the cutting out of the cookies!

MacKenzie's crazy hair!
Julia's kids went to get their Christmas pictures with Santa today and MacKenzie had her hair in pigtails. Here are a few 'after' the pigtail pictures that I snapped...I thought they were hilarious!

Madison is also obsessed with MacKenzie's tutu!!

Funny Story of the Day:
As we were heading to the mall Aiden & Connor were sure that we passed a 'train restaurant' and wanted so bad to go to it. Neither Julia nor I saw the 'train restaurant', but the boys were so obsessed with it that we finally agreed to go drive back by it to prove to them it wasn't one. Sure enough it was a COFFEE STAND and a TUGBOAT looking one at that! Connor was still convinced it was a Train Resteraunt that Julia had to drive through and ask the employee to tell the kids that 'IT WASN'T A TRAIN RESTAURANT"!! Connor didn't believe us still, so as we were heading back to the mall we passed a CARPET store and once again wanted us to stop there. Julia said NO WAY and we headed to an Italian Restaurant instead!! LOL!

We're supposed to get 7" of snow tonight, so that should be fun! We're also going to finish our Christmas cookies and hopefully play in the snow!! Try and keep warm everyone!!

1 comment:

fields.jaime said...

My baby is so cute:)
I love the tutu pictures!


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