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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

24 hours from now...

I'll be done with my gen-chem final!! Yay!! I figured out my grade and if I do happen to fail that final tomorrow (NO I DON'T PLAN ON DOING THAT) I still should pass the class, so that's a HUGE sigh of relief!!

Working through all my passed homework assignments now and things are coming back to me fairly easily, so that also is a sigh of relief!! I will study the rest of the afternoon and then meet Brandi for dinner around 6ish then back to SPU to study some more and wait for the study session with my prof tonight at 8pm. Last night the study session went until 945pm and I was able to get a lot of questions answered so that was nice :)

24 hours...I can do it!! Then I just have my stats final - but that won't I'm not worried about much at all. All I really need to do to prepare for that is go over my notes and then make an equations sheet for the exam. So in 48hours from now I'll be on Christmas Vacation!!

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