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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Break is Here + a very busy day!!!

I just submitted by final assignment for stats - wahooooo I am now officially on Christmas Break, it is such a great feeling!! Thanks for all the 'good lucks' and support I have been given the past quarter, it's much appreciated!!

Day with the Triplets
I got to work today because Kim had some Christmas Shopping to do today. It was really fun to be back and with the babies! Gabrielle is talking now - she is so cute, she likes to say "Nate" but it sounds more like "Neigh"! The other new big thing in their home is CLIMBING and they are obsessed with the bar stools. Every time I'd turn around Gabbi would be climbing onto the table. The boys aren't nearly as quick as Gabbi is but they are getting faster! Jaime & Madison came over to hang out with us and Sophia had a half day today so she was home about 12:45pm. Jaime had to take Alex to the hospital tonight to volunteer...but that was the beginning of her evening!

Pre-Term Labor for Jaime
Jaime apparently starting having contractions on the way to the hospital to drop Alex off and decided she should go on in and just get checked because she just didn't feel right. It's a good thing she did because once they got her hooked up and on a 'non-stress test', she was having contractions and they were 3 minutes apart. They then sent her down to Labor & Delivery to be more closely monitored. But luckily after a shot of Terbutaline (labor inhibiting drug) and an IV they were able to stop her contractions and she was able to go home.

She is now on moderate bedrest and can't pick up anything weighing more then 20lbs until she delivers (that includes Maddie). The doctor also said that if she goes into labor again after Wednesday (when she is officially 35 weeks), they will not stop it and she will just deliver the baby. The doctors feel confident that the baby will be fine and would most likely only have to spend a few days in the NICU. Keep your fingers crossed that Emmalee stays put for a few more weeks...the beginning of January would be great!!

Dinner with the Grays
Trisha & James came to visit tonight on their way up to Canada. I hadn't seen Trisha in 2.5 years so it was great to get to catch up!! We (along with the Richey's, May's, Jenkin's, Cardin's & the Bostron's) all met and ate dinner at Ixtapa!! We had a great time, I'm so happy I went!! Wish they would come up and visit more...and next time bring their kids!!

Rumor has it this weekend we're gonna have snow...will it happen who knows. Last I heard the snow should hit around 1am tonight. I have heard everything from none, to dusting's, to several inches to even a couple feet. I'm guessing very little but who knows!!

Happy Friday...Madison, Jaime & I are going to 'big sister school tomorrow' so stay tuned for that tomorrow! Plus I've been working on a Christmas Tree decorating movie that hopefully I'll have done tomorrow and can be posted!

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