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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas in Camano - Part III

Madison & I made it home - okay well Madison did, I made a detour and will be staying in Monroe for the evening! I'm so happy that Alec drove us home, because the roads were still pretty scary. As we were getting on I-5 the car in front of us spun out and ended up going the wrong way! Then a little bit before the outlet mall we watched a car going the opposite direction completely lose control and spin into the ditch!! Thanks for getting us home safely Alec, very much appreciated!

This morning, before we left we once again went out in the snow! We were all set to go sledding down the steep hill above the swing set, however after one trip down the driveway in the inflatable inner tube, we realized it had a hole in it! So we tried to go down on it anyway, but it didn't work very well! So we spent a good amount of our time outside playing on the swing set!! I thought I'd share some lovely shots of myself (yes, I am vain ;)) of me jumping off the swing set!

Step 1: Get A Good Swing Going

Step 2: Swing Higher & Higher

Step 3: JUMP!

Step 4: Try Not To Fall!
Step 5: OOPS! To Late!

Thanks again Julia, Alec, Aiden, Connor & MacKenzie for a fun filled week! Madison & I had a great time!!

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