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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Done! Done! Done! ... Well Atleast 98% Done!

I completed my stats final today and all i gotta say is boy am I happy it was 'open friend'. It was so freakin' hard!! Thankfully I sat with a group of people that seemed to know what they were doing or at least faked it really well! So now both of my finals are DONE!! It is a big relief. I have one assignment that my stats lab group all did together that I have edited and now my other two lab partners need to edit, so I'm just waiting to get it back from them before I can submit it. Hopefully tomorrow it will be returned to me so I can submit and be done for the quarter!!

I did however get my gen-chem grade and i got ... *drum roll please* a B-!! Yay I am soooo happy and soooooo relieved!!

I just got to get that one assignment turned in so I can officially be on Christmas Vacation!

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