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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby Emmalee's Arrival -- Take 2

We had another exciting evening last night - it's been over a week since this excitement ... Baby Emmalee's Arrival -- Take 1!! Alex & I spent the night at Jaime's house last night to help get her to her doctor appointment this morning at 10am. All evening she had contractions about 3-6minutes apart. We all went to bed and at about 11:30 I woke up to hear Jaime on the phone with the hospital. They sent her in to be checked right away.

Unfortunately, they sent her home a short time later. She was having contractions but wasn't progressing at all, so she could go home. She continued to have contractions all through the night and then at her appointment today.The doctor told her that she was having contractions, but unfortunately they weren't 'real' - causing her to dialate - and they would just be uncomfortable but they wouldn't be accomplishing anything!!

Her doctor is hopeful she will deliver in the next week, but who knows! Jaime continues to just hang in 'limbo' and waits! So back to waiting we go!! But luckily she is officially 37 weeks and therefor FULLTERM tomorrow!! Dr. Eagan also informed her that she wouldn't be able to schedule an elective induction until 39 weeks. But for sure she'll deliver in the next 3 weeks! Getting closer tho!

I'm working on my Christmas Post and hope to get it posted tomorrow!!

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