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Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby Emmalee's Arrival -- Take 1

Baby Emmalee seems to be ready to come, but it doesn't look like it will be today.

Jaime had contractions all night last night and when she got up this morning they were coming about 3 minutes apart for quite awhile. So since we had so much snow (we have about 2ft right now of snow) we had to call 911 to come and get Jaime to the hospital....while we were getting ahold of 911 Zak & my mom were getting ready to head to Carnation to help with the Hopelink Gift Room. Luckily they hadn't left yet so we told Zak to get back to Grandma's right away.

So he and my mom jumped in the car, only to find it STUCK at my house. Zak has been driving my Grandma's SUV for a week now and has had no problems until now!! So my mom told Zak to "start running to Grandma's, I'll get the car unstuck and meet you there". My mom was able to get a group of neighbors to help move the car and then was able to pickup Zak on the way (I think this is how it happened anyway). One of the people that helped my mom was Mark Harrington, he even offered to let them take their Navigator to get Jaime to the hospital, but at that point they didn't think they needed it.

Zak beat the ambulance to Grandma's and we all sat around in Grandma's room waiting for them. Okay, so some of us (not me) were panicking majorly and running around like chickens with their heads cut off, not naming names tho! When the EMTs finally arrived we found out that they currently didn't have an aid-car as it was already taking a pregnant lady to the hospital. So they had to drive their 'brush truck'. They finally were able to track down an ambulance, but it couldn't make it up the hill into Grandma's neighborhood! So they had to come up with a Plan B.

Plan B included taking Jaime in the brush truck (that only held 2 people) up to meet the ambulance at 150th and Baton Road. Since the second EMT didn't fit in the truck, he stood on the side and held on. But apparently as they turned the corner onto 150th the driver gunned it and the second guy went flying of the truck! Zak also didn't fit in the truck so he was to ride with my mom in Grandma's car and follow the brush truck and meet them at the ambulance. However, my mom wasn't able to get Grandma's car up 150th. So Zak (about 10ft behind the 2nd EMT) had to run up 150th to catch up to the ambulance. Once Zak got there they were off heading towards Evergreen (which by the way took over an hour to go a little more then 20miles!).

My mom and Sue soon realized that Grandma's car no longer was going to cut it in the snow. Apparently it does great in the snow up to like 18" but anything over that it couldn't handle! So they decided to take the Harrington's up on their offer to borrow the Navigator. So they headed back to the Harrington's. Kim wanted to go along (after being stuck in the house with 1-year-0ld triplets for over a week, I'm sure she was itching to go anywhere), so they then had the problem of getting the Navigator out of their driveway. They finally were able to get dug out of the driveway and were also off towards Evergreen.

Once everyone rendezvoused at Evergreen, Kim headed out to do some shopping since they all figured it would be an all day excursion to the hospital. However about an hour later they were ready to release Jaime!! They ate lunch in the hospital cafeteria since Kim was still out shopping and then when she picked them up they all ran some errands before heading up. Once they got home Kim & Jaime decided to go to Princess Nails so Jaime could get her eyebrows done, so they hung out for awhile after!!

Jaime is in labor, but not in active enough labor to be admitted. Delivery will be coming shortly, but they are still hoping to make it to January!! The one nice thing is that Jaime now has been able to test getting to the hospital and now knows that if needed an ambulance can get her there! We'll see when baby Emmalee makes her grand entrance!!

How's that for an exciting day, at least some of them got out of Duvall :)

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