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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas in Camano - Part II

The past two days we've gotten about 24" of snow - it is just crazy!! Loving the snow! We've had a lot of fun! Yesterday, we finished decorating cookies and then went out and played in the snow. Today we went out shopping to find snow stuff for the boys and then played out in the snow again!! Here's a glimpse into our last 48hours!

Decorating our Christmas Cookies
After each cookie each of the kids would lick there knives and then re-dip again! It was so nice ... not to mention cleanly as well!

Aiden having fun decorating cookies!

Maddie trying her hand at cookie decorating!

Connor working hard!
Julia asked the kids to show her their tongues...which were very GREEN!

Here is a fun video/slideshow of our snow fun yesterday!! Check it out :)

Tomorrow, Alec is driving me and Maddie home. My mom's car is going to be stuck in Camano for awhile until it thaws out a little bit. But we've had a great visit this past week! LOTS of memories were made, LOTS of cookies were made and LOTS of snow was played in!!

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