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Sunday, December 7, 2008

17 three year olds + Small Room = BIG HEADACHE

Today at church all of the leaders for the Senior Nursery were gone, so I pinch-hit and was the only 'real' nursery leader in the class today. So it was me, my three subs and 17 three year olds that I hardly know (since I'm normally in the Junior Room) as we try to survive the two hours together!

The 1.5hours went fine - playtime and snack went fairly smoothly - but we ran into problems when snack was over and we were reading books. A few kids started going crazy which then escalated to more and more. We then had to split them up for Lesson & Music and at that point we just lost control!! I had the lesson today (found out about 11am this morning) so I quickly through together a lesson to teach. The first group I had was just crazy, they wouldn't sit still, kept running around, talking, hitting, crawling under the tables, etc. I tried to keep their attention but it was hard! The second group was a bit calmer and it was a little bit easier to keep their attention. After that time it was already a few minutes to 4pm, so we had them color and then prayed that their parents would be there on time!

I LOVE being in nursery, but days like today make me just want to go home and go to sleep!! It definitely is a work out, but very worth it!

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