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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cori's Ultimate WISH LIST

Why is that when asked to come up with a Christmas List it is so hard to do on the spot? And yet all year you think 'I should ask for that for Christmas'? My grandma and mom have been bugging me to get them my Christmas List ASAP. So instead of going through the toy catalogue like I used to do (okay I did do that as well!), I visited to help me figure out my wish list.

A good majority of the things I am WISHING for, there is almost no way of me getting one - but its still fun to wish...and also hope that I've been good this year and Santa will surprise me! Here is Cori's Ultimate Wish List. Feel free to purchase whatever you want for me, it's also okay to substitute for a better (or cheaper) version - lol!! All-in-all this is just for fun and not the one I plan on sending to my grandma or mom!

I LOVE my North Face jacket I already have, but would love love love a lighter weight one!! I really like this one with the hood and a size medium would be perfect!

Julia has one of these Xyron Design Runner and it actually prints on RIBBON! Not to mention can make borders and print right on other things too!

I just recently started turning my videos into real videos and would love a nice-small and easy to use digital camcorder

And don't forget that I will need an SD card for that camcorder!!

There is no purse brand nicer then Coach and I'd be happy with any one - a girl can dream can't she?!! Or even maybe a Cooch mag (haha!) would be good too!

KSwiss tennis shoes are the most comfortable tennis shoes around! Both of the pairs I have right now are getting really old and warn...time for a new pair! Oh and I wear a size 7.5!

Who doesn't just love a set of sharpies?? Not to mention getting every color!! I LOVE sharpies!

Yes, I'm a dork and asking for a TI-84 PINK Graphing Calculator for Christmas! I need a 'real' calculator for school and just is my favorite color!

And since all my other friends (yes, I'm using that excuse) have a web-cam, I need one too!

A new digital camera would be nice and this NEW Canon Powershot SX10 IS would be just fine!! Or any Canon camera for that matter would work :)

Other Miscellanious Items:
Clothes, Clothes, Clothes (tops: Mediums, pants: 4Longs, skirts/dresses: medium)
Board Games (SET game, Bananagrams & Qwirkle all look like fun)
Oasis Nails Gift Certificate
Someone to fix/provide fixing part to fix my car charger outlet in my car!
Money is always nice
Gift Cards too!


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