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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally Arrived in Spokane

Wow what an adventure my flight turned out to be...well not actually my flight, but the boarding the flight.  Last time I left you when I was talking about the Toys & Togs Totals in my last post (see below for my post earlier this evening), was I was getting ready to go get on my plane.  Yeah...well that was the beginning of the adventure.

I go back to the gate and realize my flight isn't listed on the board, so I go up and ask the attendent and she reassured me that my flight was the next one to go out.  So I sat down and waited.  I still felt uneasy so an older couple came and sat down next to me and I asked them if they were going on the Horizon flight to Spokane, they were so I felt better.

A few minutes later a gentleman came up to the desk to ask "why was the flight cancelled?".  Both myself and the couple jumped up and they lady said that "there was a possibility the flight would be cancelled and to go to talk to the Customer Service Desk".  So off we went immediatly, we got to the desk and the people behind the desk asked why we thought it was cancelled, we said the lady behind the other desk (Cathy by the way) told us.  They told us that it wasn't cancelled.  So bak we go to wait.

A few minutes later the attendant comes on the intercom to tell us "there is a problem with the plane and maintence was working on it.  Stay close because they hoped to board in 20-25minutes maybe sooner".  Great, were gonna be late, but I can deal with that, I suppose.

I continue waiting, then I get a text from Alaska Airlines (actually 4 times for some reason) telling me the flight has been cancelled.  I chuckle, show my old couple friend and the man behind me, who I realized was the pilot.  It was a good 5 minutes before the attendent came back on again to tell us "yes the flight has been cancelled, and to go to the Customer Service Desk to rebook", however, she records the message and then plays it.  I was sitting right in front of her desk so heard her make the recorded announcement before it played so I immedialty jumped up and got inline. 

I was one of the lucky ones, it didn't sound like everyone on the 5:00 Horizon flight was going to make the new now 6:00 Alaska flight.  I was booked and then wandered down to the new gate.  Instead of the little communter plane, we were in a 737, and apparently those are faster because we arrived in 41 minutes opposed to the 59 minutes on the commuter plane.

So here we are now.  All the kids are asleep next  to Julia & I and we are playing on our laptops and watching Law and Order.  I probably should get some sleep because she said morning came at 4:30am this not gonna be fun!!

Good night all!!

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