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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home, Sorta!

We survived the 5hours, 18minute car ride from Spokane to Seattle today with four little kids.  It went pretty good, we had a fun snafoo's (sp?) Aiden got car sick and vomitted all over just outside of Vantage and the Connor had an accident right as we got home.  Other than that everything went well.  The girls & Aiden all napped and the rest of the time they watched DVDs while Julia & I took turns driving and napping.  We were up way to late last night (like 2am lol), so we both were overly exhausted today! 

I ended up just coming back to Camano tonight (hense the "sorta") so we could get the kids into bed at a better hour then having to detour through Duvall.  We got home right about 7pm, got the kids to bed, cleaned out the car and stripped all the carseats to be washed.  I'm currently watching Survivor (go Sandra, your my last person left!) and eating some eggos.  After it's over, it'll be bedtime for me too!

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