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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hair Cuts By Jaime & Cori

This morning Jaime and I got the idea to cut the boys hair.  It was getting really long (especially Jack’s), so we got permission and started!

nate bjack b

Nate was first and he SCREAMED the whole time.  I had to hold him still so Jaime could trim his hair.  We figured Nate would be the easy one to do, however he wasn’t!  It was a struggle to trim his hair, but in the end we had success!! 

Jack we expected to panic and freak out, but he did just fine!  He happily sat on my lap while Jaime cut his hair.  He totally amazed both of us!  Giving him a haircut was a breeze!

Amy came over to hang out with me today, so she took the photos while we clipped away!  Thanks Amy and great job on the photos!

hair cuts

Here are the after photos!  I think we did a pretty good job considering Jaime had never cut kids hair before.  Apparently toddlers are harder to give a trim to then adults!

nate ajack a

Nate is normally the photogenic one but not today!  LOL!  His photos were kinda silly looking!  Ahhh, but another adventure with Cori & Jaime!

*Note: The scrape on Nate’s forehead was NOT from our haircutting, he and jack crashed on their bikes!*

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