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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spokane Park Day!

Today started out early, the kids were up at 6am thanks to the not-so-black curtains.  The sun was seeping in at the crack of dawn!  I took the kids down for breakfast at about 6:30 and let Julia sleep.  Now I know what you are all thinking “that Cori, she’s such a sweet giver”  (haha for those of you who really know me!).  Well I had an alterior motive.  I figured in the next couple days I’d be sooo tired in the monrning that wouldn’t want to get up, and by letting Julia sleep in this morning, I’d get a bye later in the week!

Today we met up with Annika Brooke’s birthfamily, MacKenzie’s birth-grandma Ann along with Julia’s cousin Dana and her three kids, Kaden (6), Caleb (5) and Kaylynne (2).  We spent a good 4 hours at the park and the weather was absolutely beautiful!  Nice and warm with a little breeze!

Okay so you know me, when I have Julia’s camera I go a bit picture crazy!  I told Julia (yes this is kind of morbid-lol) if she and Alec die, since Molly gets the kids (oh darn ;>) all I want is her camera and her bed!  She has the worlds best camera and the worlds comfiest bed!  With that being said….onto the pictures!
DSC_0130Connor, Kaden & Caleb
DSC_0152 The girls eating cupcakes!
DSC_0167Ann and MacKenzie
DSC_0174Teresa & Annika with their crazy hair!
DSC_0189Annika & Courtney
After wearing the kids out at the park we headed back to the hotel for some swimming, did I mention the weather was fantastic??!!  Ashli, her new baby girl Brooklynn and her friend Kayla met up with us for some swimming fun!
DSC_0266Mama with her 4 little monsters all climbing on her in the pool!

Ashli & MacKenzie swimming together

Aiden is a little fish in the water!

Julia throwing MacKenzie up in the air!  She thought it was hilarious but didn’t want to do it again lol!
Brooklynn & Ashli
We got the kids bathed, fed and in bed by 8pm!  They all fell asleep right away, I can’t imagine why??!!  Tomorrow we’re meeting up with the boys’ birthfamily for another picnic! 

I better go, my dinner should be here shortly, I’m starving!  Oh…so Julia’s kids may not be “adaptable” (her words, not mine!), but boy when they are asleep they are OUT!  We are watching tv, talking and playing on the laptops all with them right there!  Crazy I tell ya!

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