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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Toys and Togs Summary

I'm pooped!!  I have been on my feet moving since 630 this morning!  Now it's 7:15 and I am already to crash!  What a busy day!  I chaired toys with my silent partner Paul, because Charity had to go down to Portland with the girls. Brandi assisted me in toys, Alex was as bagger (the hardest job out there in my opinion), Jaime worked in equiptment and Julia ran the members table! At one point the checkout line was so long I was pulled out of toys to cashier, so that was a nice change of scenery, but the pressure! I was freaked out I'd make a mistake!

The sale went really well!  Julia, Charity & Jaime brought (total) 4 SUVs and 1 car full of stuff to sell!  And I would say 80% sold!  We'll see next Saturday during card counting for totals!  Still guess (just Julia) will make $2k!  Jaime knows she already pocketed $260 for sure in big items, plus LOTS of colthes!  All of Julia's big items sold except for her changing table, but she just plans on posting it on Craigstlist and I have no doubt it'll sell!  Charity didn't have much to sell this year, it was amazing!  I think she ended up taking 3 bins of clothes home, so she did really well too!!  Like I said, I can't wait for next week!

Until next time.....

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