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Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Spokane Park Day!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful the last two days.  Today it hit 80*, did I mention recently I love heat!??!  This afternoon we met up with Britney, Aiden & Connor’s birthmom and her almost 3 year old, Alex at Monito Park.  We spent another 3+ hours hanging out and playing in the sand and sun!

DSC_0007Britney helping MacKenzie climb up the pole

Aiden & Connor mastered going down the pole today.  You’ll never guess what they were pretending they were…..

Alex & Connor digging in the sand


Mackenzie, Annika & I

Playing in the sandbox, we were all nice and sandy after the park!

Weeeeeeeee or maybe Ahhhhhh??!!

Mackenzie & Alex playing in the tunnel

Flipping Annika upside down
I think this photo may have also been the moment that her cute barrette came out.  We searched all over for it at the park, and guess what I found in my shirt when I changed into my swimsuit?  Yep….her barrette, lol!

DSC_0075 DSC_0076
Holding the girlies

DSC_0081 DSC_0087
(L) Britney & Aiden & (R) Connor

The park also had a wooden bridge, that the girls enjoyed walking across!

Alex, Britney, Aiden & Connor

After a day at the park, what did we come home to do??  Have a pool party!  All of Julia’s family came over, including her 94 year old Grandma Mary, Courtney (Annika’s birthmom) and Letty came too!!  We had lots of fun swimming in the pool and then of course a pool party wouldn’t be complete without pizza for dinner!

DSC_0164Aiden the fish

 DSC_0165 DSC_0172 DSC_0173
Courtney & Annika Brooke

Connor’s big smile!

Caleb & Kaden

Kaylynne loves having her picture taken!

Did someone say pizza??  Or maybe this could be the new title picture of my blog???  Yep, that’s my big ‘ole mouth!

Bedtime tonight has taken longer.  Kids have been in bed since 7pm.  The girls went right down, but the boys are having trouble falling asleep and now it’s 8:08.  Hopefully the fall asleep soon, I’m getting cold sitting on the floor and I wanna watch some Mariners Baseball!

I think tomorrow’s plan is to head to Dana’s house (Julia’s cousin and Kaden, Caleb and Kaylynne’s mom) in the early afternoon for some playtime.  Hopefully the weather stays nice again tomorrow, over the next day or so it’s supposed to sour and get nasty!  I hope not to quickly!  Stay away icky weather!!

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