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Friday, April 30, 2010

The 3 Turn 3!

I got to work yesterday and was greeted by the triplets excited to show me their “birthday” (a box in the living room).  Kim & Mark were quick to tell me it was their gift and it needed to be assembled, would I mind putting it together.  Sure, no problem, I enjoy putting things together!  Little did I realize there were sooo many pieces, good thing was it took no tools, so it wasn’t hard, just difficult with the trio running around helping!

DSC_0185I’m with you Jack, I don’t know where to start!

DSC_0190But we did it!


This is such a fun little house, great thing about it is it stores flat and is made of Foam…then again that is also a downfall because the trio quickly started dismantling it!  Oh well, we had fun while it lasted!

For dinner we went down to Ixtapa for their ceremonial birthday celebration.  The trio did a little bit better with the attention then they did LAST YEAR when they were sang to! 

Get these hats off of us!!

Closest we could get to the triplets wearing the sombrero’s!

While the sombrero’s weren’t a hit, the sopapilla’s were delicious!! 

Jaime, Amy & I took the triplets, Ryan and the girls out to the Factoria Childrens Museum.  We took quite a few pictures, but I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to post them, so check back then! 

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