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Monday, April 26, 2010

Alex’s Piano Arrives!

The movers arrived last night, two days early, boy were we surprised and excited!!  Check out the montage I made of the process of moving it in!  *Note: the photo quality isn’t that great, most of it was taken on my dad’s cell phone!*


Alex’s has already been playing up a storm on it!!  She is so excited to have this piano!  If you haven’t had a chance to hear Alex perform you’ll have to ask her!  She’s amazing!  If you click HERE you can listen to Alex’s piano recital in January 2008!

IMG_7817 IMG_7816


Unknown said...

Cori, you rock. Thank you for putting this together. The piano looks wonderful and so, too, does Alex playing on it. Now it's your turn!! Love you, Aunt Leslie

Catherine said...

Is this her really playing on it? If so, she does a great job! I have played the piece before.

Cori said...

Catherine- No that isn't Alex playing in the video, I'm not sure how to do that :) The song was a song from One True Media!


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