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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Parents are Going High-Tech!

It all started with my mom about a year ago.  She made the discovery that *gasp* if she figures out how to text, she’d have an easier time getting a hold of my sisters & I and *gasp*, it worked!  She now finds us anytime with a quick response!  I know she’s enjoyed texting with us!  She joined Facebook about the same time, however she really just never got it.  I don’t know what there is to ‘get’, but apparently she doesn’t have whatever ‘it’ is!  So she has a profile, but is hardly ever on it…well until now…

Up to this point, my dad has been anti-anything high-tech, because being a computer guy by day, he wants nothing to do with it at night.  He refused to carry his cell-phone, he’d store it in his car OFF, convenient  huh?!  About a month ago he was eligible for a phone upgrade and decided to get a new phone with the full keyboard…and guess what now he texts!  I can get a hold of him at all hours of the day, it is great, he responds fast, and says he enjoys it!  My favorite message that sums up our love for each other would be “LOSER!” which he posted at 6:25pm on April 15th…yep that’s how we speak to each other!  Love my daddy!!

A couple days ago I got a new friend notification on Facebook, and you’ll never guess who it was (okay, so I bet you can, but pretend anyway!)…my DAD!  Let me just say that if he was against texting and cell phones, he was REALLY against Facebook.  He had watched my mom struggle/love/hate it, and had no interest in joining…well apparently he finally gave in.  He did it all by himself, and it’s been fun watching him find old friends.  Tonight we say down together so I can show him the ‘ropes’ of Facebook, and we laughed hysterically as he went through his High School graduating class list…he said “oh my gosh, they are all so old”.  Poor dad, he is living in denial that HE’S OLD :-).  Needless to say he is really enjoying Facebook.  He is enjoying finding and re-connecting with old friends.  Now that my dad is hooked, I have a feeling my mom will come around soon!

Speaking slightly off-topic, on February 13, 2010, I signed up for Clustr Maps, which is a free site that shows where people are from that our accessing my blog.  It is cool, but kinda creepy :-), but then I don’t care, I just want to be the center of the world…so no big deal.  Anyway, here’s what my Clustr Map looked like just a few minutes ago…


I wondered how many of the hits per day it shows, I wondered how many was actually me (face it, I love reading and looking at my blog.  I’m vain, and proud of it!).  But I read and found out that…

“The location of each visit is based on the IP address of the computer used, one IP address per visitor per 24-hour period.” [Clustr Maps Privacy Statement]

That means, that 10 different people today visited my blog.  Now that doesn’t sound that impressive, but (brag brag brag I’m a dork) on average I see about 15-18 viewers a day.  I love to look at my Clustr Map and see where in the world my blog has been viewed in, as of tonight, 21 different countries around the world!  That’s pretty cool if you ask me!  

If you want to view my current Clustr Map data, click the LINK, or you can view it on my blog on the left hand side tool bar under Number of Visitors!

Have a great evening!

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