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Friday, April 16, 2010

Texas Vacation 2010

I did it, I completed my Texas Vacation 2010 video/montage this evening!  I think it turned out pretty well, if I do pat myself on the back!  The music was chosen from friends on Facebook, I asked them “When you think of TEXAS what songs come to mind? Need to add music to my Texas video!” and got a plethora of answers!  What a fun way to pick the music, I know I couldn’t have chosen better songs….well maybe the last one, that was one off of the One True Media site I use to make the montages!  I was short by a minute, and didn’t feel like finding another song!

Without further ado, my Texas Vacation 2010 video/montage…. enjoy!

If you missed out on my blogging during the trip, please check out HERE to see more information, insight and photos!
Okay, I need to get to sleep.  I have card counting in the morning from the Toys & Togs Sale.  So tomorrow night I should have numbers to share!  Then tomorrow evening I fly out to Spokane to meet up with Julia and the kids for the week.  They arrived today and I got this fun text from Julia about 8pm tonight…
hotelNot sure u can tell how huge and great this room is....2 pac n plays on far walls...w\2 comfy reading chairs ..desk and chair...2 double beds...wish bathroom was bigger but oh well! ;)
I can’t wait for tomorrow I love staying in hotels, and this one sounds really nice!  However, like I said, I should probably get to bed asap, it’ll be here before I know it!  Good night!

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