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Monday, April 5, 2010

Tagging Frenzy

That's what today was like for me!  The sale is on Friday and I've been a tagging fool today! 

Jaime came over to my house to help me work on Julia's clothes.  We worked for almost 4 hours, and when we finished were 90% done with her clothes!  Tonight before I went to bed I finished tagging the remaining clothes (maybe 10 items) and then bagged a few piles up.  I have probably 30 items of clothing to hang and then bag up, plus a huge pile of onsies that still need to be sorted, bagged and tagged.  I hope to finish all of Julia's clothes tomorrow night!  It'll be such a great feeling to be done but also to get my room back - lol!  I look like I should go on that show The Hoarders with my piles of plastic garbages bags strewn across my room!

Tonight Brandi & I went to Charity's to help her with tagging.  Boy the lady has hardly anything to sell compared to years ago when we had TONS!  We got a good amount done tonight and she is going to have the girls go through their clothes and stuff tomorrow and we'll reconvine on Wednesday to finish up!

Last night (see I told you I've been in a tagging frenzy), I went to Jaime's to help her finish up tagging her stuff.  All she needs to do now is hang her clothes and then sort by size.  Brandi & Jaime are going to try and finish that all up tomorrow evening.

I the sale, but the prep leading up to it can be a killer!  Especially since we all wait until basically the week of, to start preparing!  Oh well, that's what makes it fun....isn't it?

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