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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Madison's Birthday Gift

Yesterday was Madison's 4th birthday!  FOUR!  Can you believe that?  I hope tomorrow to make her birthday post, but until then I wanted to talk about her gift...she got a WII for her birthday!  Yes, the FOUR year old got a WII!  Granted everyone else has been playing it, but none-the-less she got a WII!  Both of us tried the WII out at the Bostron's while I was babysitting in January (see HERE and HERE for a couple posts about our WII playing). 

Madison is surprising good, she beat me fair and square at Mario Kart.  She's so cute she will happily tell you "It's okay Cori to hit those bad things" or "don't worry that you fell off the cliff"!  I watched her play WII Golf with Zak and we all played the Toy Story Mania game!  She has really good hand-eye coordination!

Once Madison went to bed tonight, Jaime, Brandi & I battled at Mario.  When I first played last night I couldn't stay alive.  They kept telling me Madison was better at it then me!  I was a bit worried that I'd suck again tonight,  I started out BAD but amazingly WON!  We ended up tied 7-7-7 games won when we played the final one...and I WON the final game!  Yep, I'm proud!  Apparently, I am not a failure when it comes to WII!  Ugh...this WII thing is really addicting!!

Happy Daylight Savings (haha)! 

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