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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunglass Baby!

How much do I love it made this wonderful collage for me!  I just spent $4.95 for the one month subscription, but thinking I may purchase the year one!  LOVE THIS!  Any who on to the topic of my post!

This evening I went over to Grandma’s to visit Aunt Sue who is in town.  Emmalee (and the rest of her family) were also there, Brandi too!  Emma was having a lot of fun with her sunglasses!  She worked so hard to put them on both herself and other people!!  She doesn’t quite have the coordination to get them on her (or us), but it was entertaining to watch!  She kept getting so close! 

sunglass baby

Of course I pulled my video camera out and got some video of it!  She is so stinkin’ adorable!!  Enjoy!!

Tagged all last night and most of today at Julia's!!  I am pooped!!  Playing catch-up on the DVR and relaxing tonight!  It feels wonderful!  Happy Saturday! 

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