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Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 13: Cabo San Lucas

Today started out WAY to early.  Kelly, Alex & my mom had an early morning excursion so we were all up about 6:30am…yes that early on vacation!

IMG_2245Me trying to sleep a little bit longer with everyone else running around.

However, my sleeping didn’t last long.  We (the rest of us) left about 7:30am for Cabo.  I got to say Cabo is one beautiful place! Pulling in on the boat we passed the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch.  These rocks are absolutely amazing!!  Later in the day Zak and I went jet-skiing (yes again) and we went through and around them!


While walking through town we came across this kiosk which had a baby lion and baby tiger in a crib!  They were part of a fundraiser for an animal refuge.  We got to watch them while they were fed their bottles!!  I could have held one, but it was $25 and I didn’t want to part with my money that bad!!


We got off the boat and did some shopping while on the search for Cabo Wabo, a restaurant owned and opened by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen.  At about 930am we were enjoying the BEST chips and salsa ever!  Sorry, Ixtapa, this was so much better!

IMG_2322We found it funny that they had Washington State license plates on the wall!

Like I mentioned earlier, Zak and I went jet-skiing again today!  We cut it a bit close though!  We shopped with my dad, Grandma, Brandi and Jaime all morning and when they headed back to the ship we went to find the beach.  Little did we know that the beach really wasn’t that close!  We finally rented the jet-ski at about 11:30am for an hour and had to be back to the tenders by 1:15pm at the latest. 

About half-way through our time we realized the tender passing us had Grandma, Jaime and Brandi on it!  We had fun zipping around them and having our pictures taken!

IMG_2373  IMG_2374

After we finished jet-skiing we knew we had about a half-hour walk to the tenders, we decided to take a water taxi which was about a 5-minute ride!  We got back in plenty of time for me to do some shopping!  I hit up a great store where I got TONS of souvenir shopping done and was really happy with what I got!  We made it back to the tender right at about 1:15pm.

This afternoon Alex participated in the Passenger Talent Show.  When Grandma first mentioned it to Alex, Alex responded with “I have no talent”.  Right, Alex, you have no talent!!  She is an amazing pianist!  She decided to participate in the talent show and did awesome!!

Left: Alex & Assistant Cruise Director Andrew talking during her introduction
Right: Alex playing the piano on the Universe Lounge Stage


Hi Madison & Emmalee!  We’re getting really excited to see you guys in a couple of days!  We have missed you so very much and can’t wait to hug you two!!  Hope you are still being good for Amy and having fun!  We love you tons!!  ~Hugs, Mommy & Daddy~


Our last formal night is this evening.  I need to go finish getting ready.  Tomorrow is our last day on the ship.  We get off on Sunday morning, it’s crazy our vacation is coming to a close!  I’ll have to make the best and have a lot of fun in the last 36 hours I have on board!


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