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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Play, You Play, We all Play WII

OMG I just typed this whole post and was almost to the bottom when somehow I deleted the whole thing….why don’t I save as I go????!!!  So freaking annoying!  So I guess here I go again.

This morning we got up and went to Jason & Kim’s church.  When we dropped the girls off in their class, MacKenzie wasn’t so happy, so I volunteered to stay with her.  She warmed up after a little bit and I volunteered to help hold some of the crying 12month olds.  After a little while I moved to the younger class (12-24months) to help with some other criers. 

There church is very different from mine.  They played Dora & Thomas for the little kids during nursery.  Everyone was drinking coffee (obviously not the kids), they have a live rock band, disco ball and fog machine during their service (I missed the service, so that’s what I was told!).   

After church a lot of people napped (myself included) while everyone else watched a movie.  I was exhausted today (my own fault partially…).  I went to bed way to late to begin with at about 12:30 am.  Then around 3:30am, I was awoke by the smoke alarm in Paige’s (my) room starting chirping.  I tried to ignore it for awhile but never could fall back to sleep.  I finally woke Alec up in hopes he could fix it, he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) in the middle of the night so I finally moved downstairs to sleep.  Conveniently the batteries in teh alarm must have finally died because I probably heard it chirp 5 more times after I came downstairs.  Wasn’t about to jinx myself and move back up to bed, so I stayed downstairs.  I was then up at 8am when everyone else was awake.  However, when we did get up we had snow on the ground!  Not a lot but snow non-the-less!!


After naps, we had a family WII session.  Since none of the kids had played WII before we started with WII Bowling.  Sadly Connor & Aiden beat myself & Alec the first game.  Aiden & Jason beat me the second game, but I did beat Alec…so I wasn’t a total loser!

DSC_0048Connor took this lovely photo of me

Alec & Aiden

Connor & I


MacKenzie is a little mommy for Quinten.  She loves to help  change his diaper, hold and feed him!  Here is an adorable photo of her feeding the baby!


Tomorrow, we’re meeting up with Kendra & Cami, Annika’s birth-aunts.  I think the plan is to go to the zoo, but still waiting to hear for sure.  Regardless, after the snow yesterday and today it’s supposed to be nearly 70* tomorrow – is that really possible?  Seems doubtful to me, but everyone who lives here claim it’ll happen!


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