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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 11: Acapulco

Good Evening Friends!

*Sigh* it’s Wednesday and we’re down to only 4 more days of our vacation.  It takes so long to get here and then goes by so fast!  Oh well, there are lots of memories made!

We got up early this morning and went to the beach.  Sue & Aaron wanted to try out jet-skiing and Zak & I were happy to go along!  We got to the beach and rented two jet-ski’s. 

Zak & I took off right away and Sue & Aaron were putting along.  Not to far into our journey (maybe 3 minutes) mine and Zak’s jet-ski died.  No big deal Aaron and Sue were right behind us.  We get their attention and tell them to go back to shore and get someone to come save us.  We think they understand and off they go.  However, the just start doing circles and driving far away from shore.  Once again we get their attention where they inform us “we needed to practice driving this”.  C’mon people, here Zak & I are stuck in the middle of the ocean, this is no time to practice!

They finally get back to shore and a jet-ski guy comes and we trade jet-ski’s and head back to shore.  We get back and find out that Aaron REFUSES to get back on a jet-ski stating that the jet-ski is broken!  Uhhh…sorry Aaron but it was user error!  Zak & I (and then Zak & Sue) took  the “broken” one out after!

DSCN0473Before getting stranded! 

DSCN0485Yes, we know how to drive this!  Let us go!

DSCN0488 DSCN0481
Alex & Jaime playing in the water while we were jet-skiing

Us arguing with the jet-ski man about how much time we had left

After playing at the beach a group of us took a taxi to see the Acapulco Cliff Divers.  WOW.  It was absolutely amazing!  These guys are like 50,000 feet in the air (give or take haha) and dive into a small ‘lake’ of water!!  We lucked out and arrived right as it was starting so we didn’t have to wait around!

DSCN0502The Cliff Divers standing at the top of the cliff

DSCN0510One of the Cliff Divers Diving

the crew that went to see the cliff divers

For dinner tonight they had corn on the cob!  I was so excited since corn on the cob is one of my favorites! I asked our waiter for another one and he brought me three!


Oh, I forgot to mention that last night my parents bought me a beautiful pearl necklace.  For their 25th wedding anniversary instead of buying each other gifts they bought my sisters and I each a piece of jewelry.  The girls each got rings, I chose the pearl necklace…love it!!

Modeling my new pearl necklace!

Hey Girls-

Here are a couple of fun pictures I thought you might like to see!  The first one is of Alex holding Baby Doll in our taxi on the way to see the Cliff Divers.  The second one is of your mom and dad at the Cliff wear the Cliff Divers dive, oh and Baby Doll is with DSCN0516them again too!!!

Madison: I purchased a special gift for you today!  I can’t wait to give it to you!  Emmalee: Yeah, I still need to find something for you!

Hope you guys are still having fun!  We’ll be home really soon!  

Love, Cori


Sea Day again tomorrow and even better we gain (or do we lose??) another hour!  We’ll now be just one hour behind Seattle time.  We were as far as five hours ahead at one point!  So we’re slowly weaning ourselves back into PST!

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