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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fort Worth Zoo

I finally got through all the photos and settled with like 51 I wanted to post!  Felt that might make for a VERY long blog post, so I made it into a collage using  Check it out, it’s a pretty cool online program!

We were still unsure of what the weather was going to be like, since it has snowed the day before…but like the weatherman had been saying, it indeed was 70+*!  The weather was beautiful, as was the zoo!  I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Fort Worth area! 

We met up with Kendra and her kids Hailey (9), Madison (5) and Brayden (4) along with Cami, Carmen and their daughter Kyana (5).  So along with the Munro kids, we had a LOT of little ones.  Hailey, Kyana & Madison spent the whole time trying to cart Annika around, it was very sweet!  Aiden, Connor & Brayden had fun running around together!

texas2 texas1

One of the highlights of the day was in the bird exhibit.  We purchased bird food on a stick and then went into the exhibit.  Birds were flocking us, it was absolutely amazing….and entertaining!  I pulled the video camera out about halfway through the fun, but you can still see some of the excitement…plus the squeals of excitement, joy and fear from all of us!

Wow, lots of pictures, huh!!  Well here are a couple more, just incase you haven’t seen enough!

DSC_0286 Us

DSC_0288All of Teresa’s Grandkids….and Julia!

DSC_0292Most of the group!

Today, Kim, Julia & I hit the mall…and oh what fun we had!!  I’ll post the blog post tomorrow!!  We leave tomorrow…how sad!

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