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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 12: At Sea

The morning started off with a friendly (or not so friendly) game of Scavenger Hunt.  We were given a list of about 50 obsucre items and had 30-minutes to find as many as we could.  Our team came in 2nd, but only because the “winners” cheated.  Ugh…yes I’m competetive and don’t think it’s very fair!  I wanted those passport holders!!

After the scavenger hunt we went to BINGO in the Universe Lounge where our favorite waiter Mile (pronounced “Me-Lay”, but we prefer “Miley”) was working.  We took a few pictures with him and next thing we knew he stole my camera and left.  We’ll just say Brandi,  Jaime and I were a bit nervous of what he was going to do!  However, he came back with some really fun pictures of “behind the scenes of Princess Cruises”!

DSCN0555Jaime, Mile and Brandi

DSCN0566One of the waiters in the back of the bar area

Another of the waiter’s behind the scenes being goofy

One of the sinks and kitchen stuff??

Prep area???

Mile taking a self-portrait

Today was also the third art auction.  They’re not that exciting but I went because everyone else was, and let’s face it…I’m a follower!  Grandma & Brandi each bought a painting and Jaime won one but the biggest story was me answering an art history trivia question and get TWO (anyone else who answered a question only got one) raffle tickets for the final art auction.  What was the question you ask….?

In what year was the first illustrated children’s book in Germany was published??

I guessed 1652 and the answer was….1658, I was off by 6 years!  Out of all of the hundreds and thousands of years I was off by only 6 years!  I even caught the art director off guard by being that close!  Not sure what I get with my raffle ticket, but I will definitely be going back to the next auction to see!

IMG_2225Showing off my winning trivia raffle ticket! 

Tomorrow we are at our last port of call, Cabo San Lucas.  We originally had a catamaran excursion planned, but after the bad experience in Huatulco we decided to cancel this one.  Instead we’re going to go see the famous arches and find a beach for more jet-skiing!

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