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Friday, March 19, 2010

Fort Worth Stock Yards

This morning before we all headed out for the day we had an impromptu photo shoot!  All the kids were dressed to the T’s and looking adorable. 

DSC_0116Paige & Quinten

DSC_0129The Munro Family

DSC_0160All the Grandkids
Can you believe we got all 6 to look happy at once?  Well, this was like photo 100 and we had bribed them with chocolate?

Today was a fun day.  Kim and Jason took us to the Fort Worth Stock Yards.  I didn’t have much idea what to expect.  I had seen pictures on the Hutchison Blog when they had gone last summer, but still wasn’t sure what to expect!

To give you all an idea of what the Stockyards are I included the overview from the official Fort Worth Stock Yards website.

“The Fort Worth Stockyards is the history book of the livestock industry in Texas. Each chapter is represented by the original bricks and mortar, the wood corrals, the men, and the music that are all still a part of the the Stockyards today.

The Stockyards possessed a wide variety of people, there were cowboys, cattlemen, bartenders and bankers. The Packing houses brought skinners, butchers, and bookkeepers to the area. The horse traders, hog dealers and harlots mixed with harness makers and mule dealers.

From the time following the "War Between the States" through the decade after the Second World War, the livestock industry was a huge part of the Fort Worth and Texas economy.  Its employment base and dollar volume affected many lives."

We arrived just in time for the Cattle Drive where all these cattle come moseying down the road.  It was pretty cool.

DSC_0193DSC_0170DSC_0178Kim and I kissing a cow

DSC_0184The Girls & I stuck in jail

DSC_0195How cute is this…a rat sitting on a cat, sitting on a dog!

DSC_0202The girls asked a cowboy for a rose…should Julia & Alec be worried?    

What a fun place!  What a fun day!  Another day of fun tomorrow, to bad the weather is dropping and will be 45* and rainy, sounds like home.



brandi said...

Supposed to be 68 tomorrow!!

Cori said...

Rumor has it, there was snowflakes in the air here this morning....what the??


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