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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Vacation Prep

Tomorrow morning I am off to Texas with the Munro’s for a week of fun and sun!  I came up last night to help out with the last minute packing and other prep. 

Today started out really great.  I shared my normal room with MacKenzie and amazingly she didn’t wake up until 8:45am!  Can you believe that?  The girl ALWAYS wakes up by 7am, how did I get so lucky!!  Anyway, after we all got up I helped Julia get the kids all packed and then the girls went down for a nap.

I graciously (see I can be nice) offered to take the kids out this afternoon.  We started out at McDonalds where we had treats and the kids played.  After McDonalds we still had a couple hours before we met Julia & Alec for dinner.  I figured I would take the kids to the library, wasn’t very thrilled about that idea because it didn’t sound like much fun for anyone but it was stormy out so we didn’t have much choice.  Anyway, while driving to the library we came up to the stop sign right by the bowling alley and the kids started pleading to go bowl – what can I say, I’m a softie – we went!  I have gone bowling with them before so I had an idea what to expect.  The kids did EXCELLENT and we had a great time.  Oh you want to know the scores…..

hairbowlingWinner: ME (106) ~ 2nd: Annika (78) ~ 3rd: Connor (77)
4th: Aiden (72) ~ 5th: MacKenzie

Winner of the funniest story has to go to Connor.  As you can see from the score above, Connor got a strike…the one and only strike.  However, he was devastated that he got an “X”.  He could careless that an X (strike) was the best you can do in bowling…he wanted his SECOND turn to roll the bowl down the alley!  He was quite ticked!  Pretty funny though!

After bowling we went for Mexican for dinner and then I took the kids to all get their haircuts before the trip tomorrow.  I think they turned out pretty darn adorable!

hairmackenzie hairaiden  hairconnorhairannika  

Our plane leaves for Dallas tomorrow at noon and we’ll be on vacation until the following Wednesday!  Check back to see our fun trip and the kids’ first airplane ride!  I’m very excited!!


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