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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 5 ~ WII Shoulder

After five days of playing the WII, I think I have "WII Shoulder" :-) Yes, I've played Rock Band, Lego Rock Band, and some Carnival Game.  It was in the Carnival Game, that I think caused the problems!  There is this one game where you have to swing your arm around and around in a large circle really fast to try and win!  My shoulder hurts.  My schoulder hurts real bad.  Not nearly as bad as the Great Shopping Incident of 2006 where I ended up tearing my rotator cuff, but still sore!  I'll take a trip to visit Dr. Metcalf tomorrow and hopefully will be feeling much better!

Today is almost my last full day with the Bostron's.  Kami & Jeremy get home tomorrow evening.  It's crazy how fast the week has gone by!  I've had a lot of fun with Logan, Brett, Haylee & Tyler, but have to admit am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!  Plus this trip-job is one 'step' closer to the cruise!!  I have one more trip-job for the Munro's right before we leave....but it's getting close!  My handy-dandy ticker says we have .....

Carribbean, HERE I COME!!!

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