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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Diaper Cake

Today was Kim Loeffler Alvarado’s baby shower that Amy threw for her!  I helped Amy as her “silent assistant” :D.  Last Wednesday, Amy, Jaime & I made a diaper cake as a decoration for the shower.  None of us had ever made one before but we’d seen enough to think “it couldn’t be that hard” and thanks to the internet for the video we found with step-by-step directions!  We were all quite impressed with our final product!

*Disclaimer….YES, i did help with the diaper cake….I even made the bows that are on it!  But, the one picture of me wasn’t so great, so I chose not to post it!  Yep…it’s my blog, I can post whatever pics I want (or don’t want) to!

Step 1: Roll lots and lots of newborn diapers and put a clear rubber band around them.
cake9 cake8

Step 2: Put a rubber band around an 8oz bottle and put 3 layers of diapers around it.cake7cake6

Step 3: Continue “stacking” diapers up more rows adding an addition 8oz & 4oz bottle as you go.cake5

Step 4: Add ribbon around each layer to hide the rubber bands.cake4

Step 5: Begin to add embellishments to the cake.  We used superglue & pipe cleaners to hold some of the embellishments. cake2

Step 6: Don’t let a binky-addicted baby near the plastic binky embellishment!cake3

Step 7: Step back and marvel at your work!cake

Okay, confession….this blog was written on the day we did it, Wednesday, January 13th, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for Kim, so I am waiting to post it!  So I’m not sure what her response will be, but hopefully will have some pictures and fun things to share about the shower after it actually happens!!  I can’t wait!     

1 comment:

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

thanks for sending me this link...I will be doing this for sure for the shower. it will make the perfect centerpiece!


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