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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scrapbooking Fiend

That would describe me the last 24-hours!  I accomplished 5 layouts for Julia during that time...with 4 kids undertoe!  Pretty impressive if you ask me!  I also did a variety of photos, ages and kids, so it made it even more fun and challenging!

Aiden & Connor playing in the kitchen drawers.  I picked these picture because the boys are wearing their Mariners jersey's!

Based on a Tiare Smith Sketch

Happy 1st Birthday
Pretty self-explanatory...interesting fact, this is the FIRST birthday layout to ever be done for Julia's kids!  Also, when Julia purchased the birthday decorations it came with scrapbooking paper...old school ones....but I cut out the title and the airplanes to coordinate with the pictures!

Based on a sketch by Mel (BlessedintheUS on Playground of Memories)

Pumpkins 2007
Aiden, Connor & MacKenzie's Halloween Photos.  This was ONE large photo/display, and I cut the photos apart to make it seperate!
Based on a sketch by Becky Fleck of Page Maps

Adorable Annika
Julia recently pulled out Annika's hospital discharge photos!  I thought it was to cute and wanted to scrapbook it!

Julia's Layouts

Julia also did some scrapbooking, she spent her time looking for the perfect sketches and ideas so she only finished one layout.  She started a two-page layout but hasn't finished it yet!  However, this past week she did do an adorable snow layout that I thought I'd share!  She's so talented!!

Aiden & Connor's school and class photo for 2009-'10 school year.  Yes, I blacked the faces out of the rest of the class and their teacher since I don't have premission to post them.

First Snow
The first snow of the 2009-'10 winter!  It wasn't nearly as much as we had last year, but still fun to play in!

We also did something REALLY fun tonight....but had trouble getting the pictures uploaded so you'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see what it was!!  I'll head back home in the morning in time for church at 1pm.  So I better get to bed because MacKenzie wakes up early and it's already 12:13am on January 24, 2010!


Kelly said...

I never knew you scrapped, COOL! Great layouts!

Suzie Q said...

Dig your layouts, Cori!
Never knew you scrapped?!?!
Very cool indeed :)


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