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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 2 of Babysitting & some Scrappin'

Completed my second day of watching the Bostron Kids.  They had school today, so I was "free" from about 9am-3pm.  I ended up going to lunch with Jaime at Ixtapa and then we scrapbooked the afternoon away!  I completed 2 layouts (3 pages), so I was proud of myself!  I got them scanned in, but was having problems with the coloring and stitching, so I'll work on that tomorrow, maybe!

Madison had fun playing with Tyler & Haylee once they got home.  They played on the swingset, trampoline and then in the hottub for quite awhile!  Emmalee even got in the hottub for a bit, and she seemed to enjoy it (Jaime may claim differently lol).  They were really cute playing in the hottub.  Madison could touch all the way around, but occassionally would 'panic' and think she was drowning until Jaime I reminded her "STAND UP MADISON", oh yeah!  LOL!  She'd stand up and be just fine!  What a goober!

There's no school tomorrow, so we'll get to 'sleep-in', wonder what time that will be??  Oh well im sure it'll be better then 6:30 am when I was up this morning!  I think the plan either tomorrow or saturday is to go to see a movie.  Madison wants to come back and play again tomorrow, so we'll probably do that too.  Nothing overly exciting planned! 

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