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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Dream....let's make sense of it....

As most of you know, I am Queen of Random...well that goes for my dreams as well.  When I wake up in the morning I'd say 99% of the time can remember pretty vividly my dreams - and last nights was no exception!  Thought I'd share the randomness of my dreams, and yet they are all in one dream, no 'dream jumping here'!!

I put in purple the dream parts and then in green my reasoning for why I had dreampt about it!  Please remember that all of the green-ness I actually 'dealt' with yesterday.  I guess it goes to show that your dreams really can be intertwined with reality...or at least mine can!
  • On a trip to Texas - Julia is talking about going to Texas for a vacation
  • We drove to Texas in 2 cars, but we finally made it!  - Alec says it would be cheaper for us to drive then to fly to Texas!
  • I am missing one shoe and am turning the car apart looking for it - I have one of my favorite Nine West black heals missing
  • While searching for my shoe, a police officer shows up and starts looking around the cars in the driveway, he leaves and then comes back to hand me a ticket for $757 and then continues to put tickets on the other cars in the driveway.  - No clue....hope this isn't forshadowing....??!!
  • I find out that the ticket is because when we parked the cars, the officer could tell that we illegally turned into the driveway!  -- Yes, I know I am a horrible parker at times, but at least not as bad as Kelly ;) !
  • Head to the mall to find a gift for Brandi's birthday - Kim Hoerner and I want to go shopping together in Texas, but seriously for Brandi's birthday...hasn't she had enough??
I remember more random parts but don't have any 'reality' to put behind them, so I won't bore you anymore with my dreams!

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