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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Punkin' Patch

Today the triplets & I met up with Amy & Camryn at Carleton Farm in Snohomish for a trip to the Pumpkin Patch! We had a lot of fun...lots to 'talk' about!

We arrived and headed down a steep hill to the pumpkin patch. Camryn took a shortcut and went down a large tube slide! The pumpkins in that pumpkin patch had been well picked over by then and all that was left were icky green moldy ones. So we decided to hike across that field to another pumpkin patch. Trying to push the stroller through the vines of pumpkins and mud was really difficult, but we finally did make it and found much better pumpkins!! I let the babies out of the stroller to check them out. Nate & Gabbi enjoyed it, Jack not so much! Of course Kim's camera battery died after I got 2 pictures ...but thankfully Amy was prepared with hers so she took lots of pictures of us today!

After the pumpkin patch we wandered back up the hill (okay so really I had to go to the bathroom and couldn't wait any longer ) and let the kids wander through the kids maze! They didn't quite get what the point of the maze was but they had fun wandering around it anyway! Gabbi was the first one to find her way out - but I quickly ushered her back in the enterance! Confindment is a MUST for triplets!!

After the kids had their fun in the kids maze Amy & I decided to go to the REAL corn maze! The corn is ove 8ft tall and is over 5acres big!!
Amy & I started in the bottom right corner and stuck close to the 'front' line and made it to the exit that was about halfway down!! It was nearly impossible to push the strollers through the mud and vines of corn! It took all the strength we had and then some to get through! We were sweating and very tired by the time we made it to the exit...and we barely entered the maze!!

After the corn maze we walked by the farm animals and then headed to the cars. We stopped at McDonalds for lunch - that was another adventure since they only had 2 highchairs so Camryn & Nate didn't get one. Nate happily STOOD the whole entire time we ate! But the babies really enjoyed their chicken nuggets, french fries, apples & apple juice After lunch we headed home.

I was worried the babies wouldn't nap when we got home because they fell asleep on the drive home. However, they all 'transfered' well to their cribs and slept for over 2 hours!! I finally woke Gabbi up about 4:15pm so I could put them in the bath so they were clean for visiting their grandparents tonight. During naptime I did spend a good 30minutes scrubbing the stroller to get all of the dirt and mud off of it! But now it's clean again and ready for another adventure!!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that were taken today! Thanks Amy for taking such great photos for us!!

Amy: I have to say that day was a fun adventure. The maze was quite a workout. :) I also have to say that those kiddos are heavy. I am used to holding Camryn, who is so light. lol
Cori: hey are you calling my babies heavy ;) lol

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