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Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet the Duggars

Okay...who doesn't just LOVE watching the Duggars - haha!! My family is enamored with them, they are just crazy! They currently have 17 children with 18 due in January '09!! My sisters & I enjoy watching and making fun of them - yes we're nice!! For those of you who don't know about the Duggars I think they now have a continuous show like Jon & Kate +8 each week on TLC or Discovery Health Channel!! I totally recommend it, if you want a GOOD LAUGH!!
  • They have 17 kids with 18 on the way
  • They homeschool ALL their kids!
  • The older kids care for the younger ones
  • They started their own church (with another family who has a lot of kids too!)
  • They (really the kids...) built their 7,000sq ft house
  • The girls only wear skirts

It''s really quite enjoyable to 'make-fun' of their family!! They also have a website - - if you want more information on them. I really actually enjoy this show and the family is really entertaining to watch!

Watching it now :)

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