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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where Were You?

Today in my stats class we were discussing the OJ Simpson trial and I immediatly remembered where I was when the jury proclaimed him innocent - standing outside the computer lab at John Muir Elementry. That got me thinking about where I was during other BIG events in history while I've been alive....
  • 9/11: Sitting in the Byer's home during Seminary, we then watched endless hours of coverage at school for the rest of the day.
  • Start of the War: In the den at home watching live coverage of the press confrence and seeing the first bomb go off.
  • Princess Diana's Death: Watching TGIF on tv when they announced the accident and then the next morning walking into my parents room and seeing it on the front page of the paper that she had died.
  • Nisqually Earthquake: Sitting in the commons during lunch at Cedarcrest when the big 6.8 magnatude earthquake shook the northwest
  • BIG San Fransisco Earthquake: I was 3 and I remember sitting up in my aunts bed in her condo and not sure what was going on.
  • End of the Gulf War: I remember standing on my parents dresser trying to change the channel to cartoons and being told to STOP since they were watching news coverage.

I'm sure there are more but those are the ones that came to my mind first. What do you remember??


OJ Innocent -- Mr Nets math class
9/11: Working at triplets
Start of the War: ???????????
Princess Diana's Death: Walking out of gma condo sat morning with gma and mom and gma spotting headline on neighbors paper. I had read the head " Di Dead" already but the meaning didn't click until gma noticed it.
Nisqually Earthquake: Standing in kitchen first thought big truck going up hill.
Oklahoma city bombing: drivers ed

Cori: Oh forgot about the Oklahoma City Bombing...I was at Tom Knapp's house trying to entertain baby Alex...Wow it's crazy what things we remember!
9/11: Home with exchange student.
Start of the War: No idea
Princess Diana's Death: At Cori's house
Nisqually Earthquake: Math class
BIG San Fransisco Earthquake: Was I alive?
End of the Gulf War: No idea
OJ Simpson: No idea
Cori: You were at my house for Princess Di's death?? I don't remember :)

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