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Monday, October 27, 2008

Laid Off, Train Ride & Misc. Ramblings

Getting Laid-Off
My weekend started off with my being 'laid off due to economic reasons" on Friday. Basically Kim isn't selling houses, and thus not making money - and if she isn't making money it's hard to pay me! So for now I'm not working, I am going to take the remainder of the quarter off from work. This quarter is a 'make or break' one for me and getting into the nursing program at SPU. Plus I need to do some volunteering in the health field to fluff up my nursing application. So I think this will be best for me this quarter. We'll re-assess things in the end of December to see if Kim can once again afford me. So we'll see how it goes.

Train Ride w/ The Munro Kids
On Saturday Jaime, Madison, Erin & I took Aiden, Connor & MacKenzie to the Snoqualmie Railroad and road a "Halloween Train". The kids had a great time on the train. The boys were mesmorized by everything, Madison was excited to see MacKenzie and MacKenzie just wanted to wander around and not sit still! So the 90minute train ride was quite an adventure! But well worth it, and we had a great time! We ended it with a trip to the park and Ixtapa. Fun day had by all!

Other Misc. Ramblings
♦ I got Ellie to stop crying in nursery again yesterday!
♦ Zak broke his nose playing in a basketball tournament on Saturday. He goes to the ENT doctor tomorrow to find out if he needs surgery
♦ I had my Chem mid-term today - and am happy to say I AM DONE with it!
♦ Presidential election is in 7 days - yay!!

Okay I think that is about it!! Have a fantastic Monday evening!!

Erin: fun fun fun

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