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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 Short of Jon & Kate

Julia & I ventured out today with four 1-year-olds and two 4-year-olds...we were only two 1-year-olds short of being like Jon & Kate!

For me the day started out on the wrong foot! I didn't want to get up, even getting dressed I was dozing off, all I wanted to do was climb back into bed! But I got up and out and made it to work! I got there to find Sophie in a GREAT mood and ready for the day - and for me to make pancakes (or she said waffles was okay too ) that was going to happen, I could hardly keep my eyes open while sitting on the couch.

Kim brought the babies down about 8:30 and I was holding Nate. I suddenly felt this warm rush of wetness - basically drop Nate on the floor as I stand up to examine myself...Nate's overnight diaper (both of them!) had seemed through and an icky poopy wet mess was now all over my jeans, North Face and shirt. Times like this when i am happy I work across the street! I ran home and changed (still wanting to climb back into bed!).

When I got back Sophie left for school and Kim left for work. I started breakfast for the babies and was halfway through when Julia called to see if we wanted to go with them to 3-2-1 Bounce. I didn't have a car, but she offered to come and pick us up! So they arrived about 10:15 got everyone loaded up in the Yukon and headed to Bellevue. Well, we got lost and by the time we arrived we would only have 30minutes of bounce time. Plus we learned the babies couldn't even bounce. So after a few minutes of "i don't care what we do, you choose" back and forth we finally decided to head to Factoria Mall and go to the Childrens Museum and get lunch.

We ate lunch at The Old Country Buffet, not the best food in the world but GREAT for kids (especially the babies who were FREE, but still got "all you can eat"). We got the funniest looks when people saw us feeding our 'row' of babies in highchairs! One man asked 'how many families do we have here', we responeded with 2 and Connor then said..."this baby is Cori's and this baby is Cori's and this baby is Cori's" - pointing to each baby - then said "and this is our baby Mackenzie"! It was so cute, Julia and I couldn't help but giggle!

After lunch we headed to the musuem. I hung out in the toddler area with the 4 babies while Julia chased after the twins! The babies LOVED the museum! They were actually playing with the toys and checking out the different areas that the toddler area had! They had this 'spinning' toy - I guess similar to a sit-in-spin except there wasn't the handle to twist that Jack & Kenzie LOVED! Omg they would sit on it and wait for me to spin them around and around until they would topple off! It was hilarious! (Yes, I am mean ask anyone! LOL!). We also took them to play in the water area which they also LOVED. The babies were absolutely SOAKED by the time we left. We learned that Robeez don't make great shoes to wear in the water area, because they turn into ice skates! LOL!

We had to strip all the babies down to their diapers & sweatshirts to go home, because they were soaked!! But all in all a GREAT day!! Can't wait to go back again!!

Erin: Need pictures! WOW, Julia come all that way to pick you up?

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